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Elections Are in a few days: August 3rd is Election Day

Elections are to be held in 54 counties, school districts, and communities on Aug. 3; check the website below for your county.

I want to remind all Michigan Voters to remember to cast their ballots. Polls open statewide starting at 7 am, and close at 8 pm.

Check your registration status at the Michigan Voter Information Center at

The Secretary of State encourages voters who already have a ballot at home to fill it out and sign the back of the envelope. Voters should deliver it to their local clerk's secure ballot dropbox if they have one, or to the clerk's office if possible, to avoid possible U.S. Postal Service delays.

In-person voting will be available in every jurisdiction for voters who choose to do so and wearing a mask is not required.

Voting and returning an absent voter ballot

You have until 8 p.m. on Election Day to complete your ballot and return it to the clerk's office or dropbox. Your ballot will not be counted unless your signature is on the outside of the return envelope and matches your signature on file.

If you're already registered at your current address, you can request an absent voter ballot in person at your clerk's office anytime up to 4 p.m. on the day prior to the election (Aug. 2).

In-person voting

Beginning 40 days prior to Election Day, voters have the option of voting early using an absent voter ballot in their clerk's office until 4 p.m. on the day before the election.

Polling places will be open in every jurisdiction on Election Day for voters who want to vote in person. Voters are not required to wear a mask while at the polls.

Each polling location will have at least one voting station adapted to allow a person to vote while seated. In addition, all voters, including voters with disabilities, have access to a Voter Assist Terminal in all polling places.

The Voter Assist Terminal helps the voter mark a ballot. It will mark the ballot with the voter's choices but does not tally the votes. Once the ballot is marked, it is counted in exactly the same fashion as all other ballots.

You can register to vote through Election Day

Citizens who are not yet registered to vote but who wish to do so in the Aug. 3 election may do so at the office of their local clerk up until 8 p.m. on Election Day. You can find your clerk's information at

Proof of residency must be provided if registering within two weeks of an election.

Acceptable documents include;

a driver's license,

state ID card,

current utility bill,

bank statement,


government check,

or other government documents.

Documents must have their name and current address. Digital copies are acceptable.

Be democracy's MVP:

Sign up to be an election worker today!

Election workers are the Most Valuable Players of our democracy, ensuring free and fair elections for all.

Our democracy needs election workers more than ever.

Serving as an election worker is a paid position, and all election workers are trained on proper protocols to assist clerks and count ballots.

Interested voters can sign up at


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