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Good Day, I want to thank you for reading the Vote Voiced Newsletter. I am honored to have you as a guest.

Let me begin by stating, we elect the Presidents and the Leaders of our Government from day one. We decide who; in 50 years will run for the higher offices. We must ask the deeper questions with respect and determination to know what our elected officials think and how they feel about the issues.

In this way, we can end the vicious cycle of shock that occurs during a hearing to confirm. Even the people confirming are blindsided with the truth of a person's character. We the People are the first panel of conformation. We must take our roles seriously.

The riot at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 was a horrible twisted act. We must begin at the grassroots level if we want to elect men and women of character. To be sure; if a question is effectively and with respect asked of a candidate. Generally speaking; the current question, the deep, personal question,

and because questions change naturally with time. At that moment, the answer to your question will lead you to make an informed choice during every election.

For example, during the 2018 midterms. The Western Wayne County Branch of the NAACP included a Candidate Forum. During our General Monthly Meeting.

A Candidate who was running in 2018; was asked one basic question; formed in different ways; many times. As I look back; I realized the question represented everyone's deep concern about the current issue of the Trump administration. "Do you support all of President Trumps's Policies?" Now, this question was narrowed to ask "Do you support the policy of family separation?"

With a resounding yes and the Candidate was adamant; refusing to be persuaded or change his mind. It was clear to everyone in the meeting. He did not care about the plight of men; women or children who were trying to immigrate to America.

Although, we may disagree on immigration policy; most people will stand firmly to say the way the Trump policy concept was enforced; was unkind to say it politely. At the time, the moment was pushing all of us; to a deeper, more effective, and respectful formulating of our question. We were learning to:

1) Ask our questions in different ways. We were learning:

2) We should know the Candidate's party affiliation. and

3) Know the issues in our neighborhood, city, and state.

1) Ask a question in different ways; if you do not feel the answer was adequate. For instance: Do you support the Affordable Care Act?

Simple question; straightforward; or so we would think. But as we know a politician will dance around a question they do not want to answer. We must have an answer. And if we ask our question in a variety of ways. We may have an answer. And not having an answer is an answer too.

Another way to ask this question is: do you support health care for people with pre-existing conditions? Again, a seemingly straightforward question. We may need more than two ways to ask this question. I want you to think of an example of a third way to ask a candidate if they are in favor of the Affordable Care Act?

Second, in addition to diversely asking a question.

2) We should know the party affiliation. Why is this important? Your question can be directed towards a candidate. We can be productively guided by party affiliation. Such as the answer of a Green Party candidate to a question about their plans for the environment may be different than the answer to the same question by a known climate denier.

Sometimes, a candidate will not attend a candidate forum. I have been to forums where the candidate bailed out without warning complaining about a perceived hostile audience. This is an answer to a question. How is He or She going to work on both sides of the aisle? If He or She is afraid to face Voters.


3) Know the issues in your neighborhood, city, and state.

Pre-pandemic, you could canvas door to door in your neighborhoods to ask a person what issue is important. Now, we must use social media, phonebanks, texting, and email.

We can use Nextdoor allows a digital shared connection to a place we all share. Our neighborhood. I asked a question in my Nextdoor neighborhood and I had one comment and a few likes. I found at this time, People were concerned about Social Justice Reform. I thought people would say "clean streets", "garbage pick-up" or "loud music". I was surprised. It was social justice reform.

On a final note,

Remember, you are the first line of defense. You are the person electing future leaders to office. You are the first confirmation panel a candidate will answer to.

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