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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Volume Three / Issue Three / Aug 17 2020 /


Sadly, on Fox News. Trump admitted he did not want to agree to a fourth Stimulus Package, because it would also fund the Postal Service and help American Voters to mail back their ballots on time. In Trump World, No Stimulus, No Voting.

Kimberly Karol in a NPR article dated 08/11/2020 said "mailings are beginning to pile up in our offices, and we're seeing equipment being removed. Read this article. Today, we need to check all claims of Voter Suppression. I have placed the link in this post so you can be sure I am basing my opinion on fact.

Americans have a voice in what happens within the U.S. Postal Service. Usually we would be notified about a change and asked to comment if we wished. Now, there has been an attempt to by-pass the opinion of the American People.

We must contact our Senators and our Congress as well to let them know our views on the attempts to weaken our Postal Service in order to suppress our votes.

Just for the record. The Postal Service wants to eliminate up to 500 bar code mail sorters. This of course will slow down the mail delivery system. In my humble opinion. If the Trump Administration can cause the American Public to loose faith in their mail system. An argument can then be made to the American Public, we need a better system. A private system. A private system ran by Trump and his family, plus his friends.

Billions of dollars are to be made by greedy people. Lately, there are a lot of greedy people who have come to the surface in Washington. We must continue to stand up for ourselves.

Voting in every election is key to placing people in Washington; who will put the needs of American Voters and the country first.,bundles%20for%20each%20carrier's%20route. Read this article.

Above all, make a plan to vote. Go to the polls early if you can. Make sure you know where your polling place is. Remind friends and family to vote. Wear a mask and gloves when you go to the polls. Check for Drive Up Voting in your area. Become a Poll Worker. Remember all local election offices are taking steps to keep Poll Workers and Voters safe this election year.

Lastly, stay calm this election year. Be kind to the Poll Workers and Poll Workers be kind to Voters. We are all on edge. We must look after one another. Stay safe this election year.

If you choose to vote by mail/absentee this year because of Covid-19. Fill out your ballot and mail it in right away. Because of the issues with the Postal Service, all of us who are using mail/absentee ballots this year should take extra precautions and take our ballot to a drop box. Or your local Clerk's Office. I trust the American Postal Service. I am going to help my Postal Carrier by taking my ballot to my Clerk's Office or Drop Box early.

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