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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Volume Two / Issue Two / July 1st 2020

During this election cycle. It is important to remember to volunteer safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Remember to wear a mask, and social distance if you are volunteering in public.

The following volunteer opportunities can be completed from home:

Phone banking

Text banking

Sending letters

Sending Postcards

For starters, contact to send letters to voters

You can also sign up to send postcards at

You can sign up to phone bank at

You can sign up to text bank at

I would like to urge you to become a Poll / Election Worker. Poll or Election Workers are essential during elections. Our democracy depends on the election process. Contact your local Clerks's office to find out what is required to become a Poll / Election Worker in your State.

In most States, a Poll / Election Worker must be registered to vote in their State. There may be an age requirement or a residency requirement for example. Your Local Election office will have all the information and forms needed. Be sure to ask if you State pays a wage for Poll / Election Worker.

Remember being a Volunteer is a major part of being a Citizen. Stay Safe, wear a Mask and Social Distance.

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