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Success Recipe

Ingredients for Your Wonderful Success

Every day we aim for success. We work to create successfully our careers. We meet a new person and want to have a successful relationship with a new friend. In this Covid-19 era, all of us strive to successfully live in lockdown together with our families.

Under the stress of a lockdown, we must work harder to succeed in our everyday lives. Our mental and physical health; and the mental and physical health of members of our families are extremely important in the Covid-19 era.

Our health and the health of members of our family are crucial. We work hard to succeed, but without your mental and physical health; who can concentrate on everyday living. We need to include our friends in our concern for all of our health needs in the Covid-19 era. We need to ask each other "How are you today?"

The future is uncertain. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is long. We all are living one day at a time. We have the hope of a brighter future. The vaccine is becoming more and more available to everyone all around the world. We have hope. Success is staying in the present with a smile. Finding beauty in our everyday world and bringing peace; beauty; calm and concern for ourselves, family, and friends, into that world.

We all are concerned about our well-being and also our financial security. In this Covid-19 era, we are under a great deal of stress. All of us are wondering if we will have a job or keep our present job. Will we be able to pay our rent or mortgage next month. Will we be evicted?

Our success in handling the increased stress of our lockdown or our job loss or job insecurity is vital in all of our lives today. Successfully managing our Covid-19 era stress is part of our success in protecting the health of ourselves; family and friends.

The past few years have been difficult for many. We are all rebuilding our lives each and every day in a very uncertain world. Will this state or country open or stay under lockdown orders. Do we wear masks or is it safe to gather in a large crowd? This is the step-by-step unknown life we have now. We must have hope no matter the Covid circumstances and learn to live a high quality of life, no matter the difficulty we all face today.

We must remember to respect each other. Believe each other when we say; we are having a hard time coping in our lives. We must learn to walk in each other's shoes; which is a way of telling someone to have empathy from the school of "old wives tales". We must continue to live our lives to the fullest; even in the hard times.

We must learn from each other and overcome the unmanageable moments; to invest in ourselves; friends and family. If we treasure the here and now. The light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel will be even brighter and warmer.

Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful, beautiful and peaceful day. #Votevoiced

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